Keep Praying. Update on Eliana

December 31, 2009

Although we have not heard directly from the Joberts, we received this update from mission leadership.

Thank you for your prayers for 2 yr old Eliana Jobert daughter of missionaries Cindy and Steven Jobert.

Company doctors decided to move Eliana to a different hospital. It is known to be one of the best hospitals in South America for treating her condition. Eliana, her father, and a nurse were in the air for the transfer as the update was being sent.

She continues to show some signs of improvement.

Today her siblings were allowed to see her, which was a great blessing for them all. Continue to pray for…

1) Her complete recovery.

2) Wisdom for the doctors and medical team that are / will be treating her.

3) Wisdom, strength, and grace for all her family.

Continue to Pray

December 31, 2009

Thanks for checking in. We do not have an update on Eliana but I will post it here as soon as I get it (see original prayer requests below).

While you’re praying, pray for Malita Pankey, wife of our church planting partner Aaron Pankey. They are planting churches in Baltimore. Malita has MS and has experienced a season of related pain and Aaron asked us to pray for her.

Pray for Eliana

December 30, 2009

Here’s a picture of Eliana and her friend from the People Group the Joberts are serving.

I have told her dad, Steven, that you are praying for her. Please read prayer request on this site.

Pray for Jobert Missionary Family

December 30, 2009

This prayer request came from South America the day after Christmas.  Please pray for 3 yr old Missionary Kid (MK) Eliana.  Below you find an adaptation of the first email and an update from today. I have told Steven you are praying!

Christmas morning we admitted Eliana to a hospital in Brazil.  She had a virus for a couple of days that very suddenly became very serious.  She very quickly became dehydrated. She has lost her motor skills like walking, talking, seeing straight, etc.  After many tests (spinal tap, catscan) they have ruled out several things.  They believe that she has a virus that has attacked her neurological system.  This case is very rare.  They are monitoring her vitals and are being pro-active with antibiotics.  They have to let the virus run its course.    We are asking prayer for Eliana:
a. that she will make it through this virus
b. That she will regain ALL of her motor skills soon
c. For God’s grace to be poured out on the family
God is so good and faithful.  We praise Him.
Thank you for your prayers, we will keep you updated when we are home as to her condition.
Resting in His grace,
Steven and Cindy

Update Dec 30th

Thank you for your emails and prayers.  It has been a great encouragement to us.  Eliana has been showing some improvement.  However the doctor that is working with her has asked that we move her to a better hospital where more tests can be run.  The Medical Dept. in London has reviewed her case and is mandating now that we move her immediately.  Either Cindy or I will fly with her to Rio or Sao Paulo, Brazil.  This obviously makes us a little anxious to move her, please pray for this time of transition.  Pray for the Medical team to be Led to the best hospital where she needs to be.  Please continue to pray for her to regain all of her motor skills. 
We are thankful for God’s grace that we know He is giving during these days.  We will keep sending updates.
God bless, Steven

Like a kid at Christmas

December 16, 2009

Today we had our Staff Christmas party with the theme: “Christmas through the eyes of a child.”

Over the last couple of weeks our staff submitted pictures from childhood and we turned them into a slide show and a  game (these folks like to compete!).    We had a blast trying to correctly identify folks from pictures taken years ago …some from a long, long time ago! 

We ended the time praying for our missionaries, their children and the People Groups where children have never heard of Jesus.  At the close of our prayer time, Karolyn C. sang  “Some Children See Him.”   Here’s the last verse:

The children in each different place 

Will see the baby Jesus’ face

Like theirs, but bright with heavenly grace,

And filled with holy light.

O lay aside each earthly thing,  

And with thy heart as offering,

Come worship now the infant King. 

 ‘Tis love  that’s born tonight!


The hope of our children and the children of the world?  Jesus!