Haiti and Calvary Medical Workers

January 31, 2010

We are blessed to have so many medical workers in our church.  God has opened a unique door for some of our Calvary folks to use their skills in response to the incredible needs in Haiti.

Danny (pictured below) has been in Haiti since Sunday, January 24th.  His team (Team 3) will return later this week. 

Julie (also pictured below) will be leaving this Thursday. You will notice that Julie and her sister Linda look a lot alike! They are twins.  Both medical workers and both will be serving on Team 5. 

The teams are overlapping to help each in orientation, etc. 

Please pray for these members of your Calvary Family.  The working conditions are challenging and there is a great physical and emotional challenge as well.

Danny                 Julie and Linda

Sunday Prayer Requests

January 31, 2010

Most of our Calvary Family will be spending Sunday morning at home due to icy conditions.  These unusual conditions give us opportunity for unusual prayer. 

I would like to encourage you to join together and pray for some specific things.

1.  Pray for our church.  Pray that we would recognize our need for God’s Hand to be upon us.  Let’s humble ourselves before Him and acknowledge that His ways are right.  (Mal. 3:16)

2.  Pray for our mission teams.

-Danny Menser, working on medical team in Haiti. This teams finishes their work this week.

-Julie Barney (and her sister Linda) who will be on the next medical team to Haiti.  (leaving Thursday).

-Chuck Peters and KK Gilbert, Leaving Thursday for Kenya.  They will join a team of 15 and teach church leaders and assist in a medical clinic.

Prayer Requests

January 26, 2010

So many people have written to say that they are praying for our meetings in Texas.  Thanks.  With great confidence, we enter these meetings knowing that He has works prepared for us to walk in today (Eph 2:10)

Keep praying for these meetings. (click here for updates)

Also, keep praying for (see below)

  • Danny and the medical team in Haiti
  • Eliana and her family

Update on MK– Eliana

January 26, 2010

Many of you joined us in praying for Eliana.  Here’s an update from her parents:

    We want to express our appreciation to all of you who have been praying for Eliana.  She is getting better everyday.  We are in close contact with a doctor in Richmond about her medicine. As we said earlier it is a very strong medicine.  Please pray with us that she will be able to be discontinue the medicine soon.  We wanted to share a couple of things that the Lord did throughout this trial.
     After a week in the hospital in Foz (a city in Brazil), we arrived at the hospital in Sao Paulo on Jan. 1.  The pediatric neurologist that has the most experience with encephalitis was on vacation until January 25th.  He came off of vacation just to take Eliana as a patient.  As we were leaving the hospital he said we was returning to his vacation.   We praise the Lord for bringing him to oversee Eliana.
     We are thankful for how the Lord spoke and comforted us through this time.  On Christmas day we were really frightened at what was happening.  I was returning from the hospital with our other kids.  As my mind and heart were so anxious, Abby called out from the back seat, “Be still and know that I am God.”   That was the very Scripture we needed and held on to for the days to come. 

     The Lord greatly encouraged us with your emails.  We appreciate all of your concerns and prayers for our daughter.  We believe that the Lord answered our prayers!  
 We have included some pictures below from the hospital.
God bless,
Steven and Cindy Jobert

Prayer Requests

January 22, 2010

Please scroll down the page and pray for:

1.  GCR Task Force Meetings

2.  Calvary Member on medical Team to Haiti

Pray for us next week?

January 22, 2010

This next week is critical.  Our Great Commission Resurgence Task Force will be meeting in San Antonio and I am asking you to pray for us. 

Our Chairman, Ronnie Floyd, has issued this plea for prayer.  I hope you take a moment to read it and pray for us right now…and make a note to pray for us next week.


Baptist Press

Calvary Member–Medical Team in Haiti

January 22, 2010

Danny Menser, Calvary Member (at Calvary West) is leaving for Haiti Sunday afternoon.  Danny will be working in the operating room  of a hospital near Port Au Prince.

Here’s the update on the teams from NC Baptist Disaster Relief:

NC Baptist Haiti Update- 1-21-2010
Currently, North Carolina Baptists have 2 medical teams in Haiti.  They had to fly into the Dominican Republic but the first team was able to get into Haiti on Friday (1-15-2010). The second team of 13 people got into Haiti on Wednesday (1-20-2010). They have been working hard at a hospital and meeting many needs in Haiti since January 15. We have taken in many medical supplies and we have bought supplies in the Dominican Republic and taken them into Haiti.

A third medical team is leaving for Haiti on Sunday, January 24.  They will also fly to the Dominican Republic and drive across the border into Haiti. There are 13 people on this team. They are taking many needed medical items into Haiti. Right now the needs are medical and very specialized, but in the future we will have many more opportunities for volunteers with other skills to be used in Haiti. Potential volunteers can sign up on our website here. We are looking at being involved in Haiti for a long time.