Prayer Requests for Week (Aug 25-Sept 1)

August 28, 2010


1.  Southside Property.  Church leaders continue down a path seeking to know God’s will.  We need for Him to confirm His will in the hearts of church family.

2.  Back-to-School:  Pray for teachers and students as all of our area schools are back in session.  Pray for church ministries that also begin as a part of our fall ministries.

3.  F.R.O.G. (Fully Relying On God):  This Southside tutoring ministry is scheduled to begin immediately.  However, there is no place for them to meet due to changes in the Southside Ministry. Pray for interim direction.

4. Missionary Requests:  Carol (South Asia) requests prayer for the many people who are hearing about Jesus for the first time.  Pray for the new believers and those who seem open to God’s Word.     Steve/Ruth (in Barbados) request prayer for visas and other government processes as they open the new training center.

5.  New Bible Fellowship (BF) Year Begins:  Pray for our new BF year that begins September 5th. Pray especially for the new classes and first-time teachers.  Also pray that those not attending BF will get a vision for how this ministry strengthens their understanding of the Scripture, our church, and helps form new relationships.

Unity of the Spirit

August 21, 2010

Tomorrow we will be preaching from Eph 4:1-6.   There’s so much to be said about these verses.  One of the exhortations from Paul is that we “KEEP the unity of the Spirit.” 

Different translations use words like: “diligently keep”  “make every effort”  “eager, striving earnestly” “endeavoring” .  Of course we know efforts of our flesh cannot produce unity.  It is a work of the Spirit.  Yet, there is an exhortation that we participate–and give our attention to cooperate–with the work of the Spirit to KEEP the unity. 

If you are reading this on Saturday, pray for me  and Pastor Will as share this text tomorrow. 

I often try to read Spurgeon’s sermon on the text I am preaching.  I found this sermon from  Spurgeon and just read it.  The circumstances of his day move him to address issues that we might not understand.  Yet, I think you will find it to be a blessing if you have time to read it:

Prayer List (August 18-25)

August 20, 2010


(this list is printed and available on Wednesdays and Sundays in the lobby) 

  1. Praise ~ The Kenya mission team ministered to 6,457 Kenyans. There were 1,855 professions of faith; and, 1,945 Bibles were distributed.
  2. Praise ~ There were 10 baptisms on Camp Night.
  3. Steve Nolen and Conexion 10/40 have requested prayer for the training center that is about to open in Barbados.  Request:  “Pray for our meeting with gov’t. officials & final paperwork, permits required, logistics &  details as staff & students travel to begin the first semester.”
  4. Southside Property ~ Pray for the teams conducting the study on the property for our Hispanic & Community Ministries.
  5. Multi-Campus Celebration:  Pray for the leaders who are preparing for this time; and, pray that our people will have a special hunger to attend & share in God’s work in our church.

Prayer Requests for Aug 4-11

August 7, 2010


(these requests were printed on a handout that is available in the lobby)

1. Southside Meeting Place: Church leaders continue the process of evaluating the proposed property and determining exactly what would be required to use it for ministry.  Pray for their wisdom and God’s direction for Calvary.  

2.  Missionaries in Transition:  There are quite a few Calvary Missionary families in transition.  We have three families in the appointment process who are wrapping up details and will go to Richmond for training.  Pray for houses to sell and details to fall into place.  Four other families are finishing “stateside assignments,” and will be returning to the field.  Pray for these families.

3.  Kenya Mission Team:  Continue to pray for this team, led by Chuck Peters, as they train church leaders and strengthen the churches in the Malindi area of coastal Kenya. They return Aug. 12.

4. 20/2o Vision: A team of staff and lay leaders has been in a “visioning” process since September 2009.  The next few steps in the process are critical; and, we are counting on your prayers. 

5.  Public Profession of faith:  Pray for students returning from camp who need to publicly profess faith and be baptized.

————-extra.  updates since printed list———–

Doug Hill had to go back in the hospital.  He continues to improve but it is going too slow for Doug and Linda!  Continue praying for Doug.

Lee Chewning is continuing to improve.  He still has pain and is moving quite slowly—however, he plans to lead worship this week in Elevate and at Calvary West.  Pray for his strength—and wisdom–to know what to do and what not to do as he recovers.

Meetings in Atlanta.   I have to go to Atlanta Monday.  It will be a quick trip; fly in early; have lunch with my sister; meetings  Monday afternoon and evening; fly back Tuesday morning in time for 11:00 a.m. staff meeting.  I appreciate my prayer partners and my request is for strength and wisdom.