God Moving on Our Hearts (another testimony)

September 30, 2010

We keep hearing stories of how God is moving in the hearts of His People. Last night a man shared this story with me and gave me permission to share it with you.  His story went something like this….

         “Sunday morning, while in the worship service, I was praying and asking God to show me how to give to the Southside offering.  I lost my job earlier this year and I’m struggling to just “get by” so I really don’t have any money to give.  I thought about a musical instrument I’ve been trying to sell for the last few months.  So, I prayed: “O.K. Lord.  If You will move someone to buy this instrument, I will give the entire amount to the offering.  And, while You’re at it, if You will give me a job, I will be able to give more to the work of Your Kingdom!”

 Later in the day, I got an email from someone wanting to buy the instrument.  When I looked at the time stamped on the email, it was sent at the exact time I was praying in the worship service.  The man came to my house Monday night and bought it and I am giving the whole amount to God! 

 By the way, I also got a call on Monday morning from my old boss…offering me a job.  I start to back to work…tomorrow!”

What’s your story?  Have you prayed?  Have you asked God to show you how you can be a part of what’s happening on the Southside?



Pray with me?

September 29, 2010



Each week we print a Prayer List that includes the names of those hospitalized, etc.   I am encouraged that hundreds of our people pick up this list and pray together for our Calvary Family. In addition to praying for these physical needs, I  use this handout to share my top five requests for the week….and here’s my list for the week: 

1. Pray for our Missionary family (C & J) who need to sell their home before they are appointed to missionary service. They face a deadline of October 10th. Pray now.  

2.  Praise God for raising up leadership for our  “English for Internationals” ministry.   We have 22 classes meeting on our Central Campus–teaching children and adults.   

3.  Pray for patience and wisdom as our Southside ministries develop interim and transition plans..waiting for the time to occupy the building. 

4. Pray for the members of our Calvary family as they ask God, “What should I give?” Pray for us to see God move in our hearts and provide the money needed to pay for the building we will call “Calvary: Southside Campus.”       (for more information click here )

5.  Pray for new believers in South Asia where Carol is serving.  These new believers are asking Carol to help them share their faith with their friends who come from an entirely different religious background.    


Hearts Moved to Give

September 24, 2010


It seems like many people are sensing God moving them into action.  We are expecting God to move in the hearts of His people to provide the funds needed for the Southside Campus.

What should I (we) do next?  Consider the phrases found in these verses:

  • “…everyone whose heart moved him, to come to the work and do it.”  (Ex. 36.2)
  • “…for the people had a heart to work.”  (Neh 4:6)
  • “…begging us earnestly for the favor of taking part…” (2 Cor. 8.4)
  • “…arrange in advance for the gift you have promised, so that it may be ready as a willing gift, not as an exaction.” (2 Cor. 9:5)
  • “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart…”  (2 Cor. 9:7)


Ask God to move in your heart. 

Ask for the privilege of participating in this offering.

Ask Him to provide what you need to give. 

One lady followed this path.  See her tesimony below.

God at Work: Southside Testimonies

September 23, 2010


Seems like every day I hear another exciting report.  This afternoon I spoke with a lady who shared a testimony that went something like this:

               “I grew up in the Southside area.  I went to school at Forest Park Elementary and walked home in a very safe and loving community.  As a little girl, my “brownies” troop (Girl Scouts) met in the Immanuel Moravian Church.  When I saw the picture in the Ministry Guide and realized we were considering this building, my heart was deeply moved.  I wanted the little kids in the neighborhood to experience what I experienced as a little girl.

           I started praying that our church would overwhelmingly affirm this as God’s direction and vote to buy this building—and Sunday we did!

           So, Monday morning I asked God to provide money to give me a special way to give.  When I arrived home Monday afternoon there was an unexpected check in the mail.  I just had to call and tell you how excited I am!  God answered my prayer and I am so excited to see how He is going to work in our church and in the community that needs us!”

So I have to ask:  what about you?

 Have you asked God to provide a way for you to give?




Southside Update

September 18, 2010

There have been many key indicators of God’s direction to the Southside Property.  Here are a few more from the last two weeks:

  • 400-500 people have walked through the building during our times of Open House.  There was excitement, energy and great anticipation!
  • Unsolicited testimonies (from school administrators, teachers, policemen, firemen, local business owners, etc.) regarding the great needs in the Southside community.
  • Incredible sense of unity among our Deacons that God has placed this Southside opportunity in our path.  The discussion was not  SHOULD we move forward but HOW should we move forward.  

We are praying that our church family will understand this ministry opportunity and we believe  the money will be given so we can do this without any debt.

Let’s pray together as we approach tomorrow’s vote…and the month that lies ahead.    This is the motion that we will vote on tomorrow morning:

The Deacons unanimously recommend the following action:

“….that Calvary Baptist Church:

1.  approve the purchase of the church property at 2009 Peachtree Street, Winston-Salem for the sale price of $400,000

 2.  raise the funds necessary for this purchase and $200,000 for improvements and operating costs for the first two-year period.”

If you need to review the information that has been shared, click here

Praying for the Leaders of our Southside Ministry

September 11, 2010


 Max Furr            Jonathan Sizemore            Abel Duliep         Joan Furr

I hope this picture will help you pray for our leaders as they continue to pour out their lives for the Hispanic Congregation.      

The more we talk about the work, the more I treasure my relationship with our missionaries (Max and Joan) and our church planting intern (Abel Duliep).

They are pictured here with Jonathan Sizemore, Asst Director of our Business Office (I thank God for Jonathan as well).

If you asked Max, Joan or Abel–I am sure they would be quick to say that Calvary has many volunteers who help carry the ministry load.  Join me in thanking God for our volunteers as well.

Praying for our friends

September 10, 2010


We continue to get updates from our friends living in Muslim countries.    One said:

“Today is the first day of Eid in the Muslim world.  It should be a day of celebration in the community and a chance for us to connect with a lot of friends.  Due to the pastor in Florida who is planning on burning the Koran, that is not the case across the Muslim world and especially in our country.”

Islam is not the enemy.  The Koran is not the enemy. 

The enemy is sin!  And God provided an answer to sin when He sent Jesus to the cross.  Join me in praying for those who have left the comfort of our land to live in places where people need the Message of Christ.

“…in Christ, God was reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed the message of reconciliation to us.”  (2 Cor. 5:19)