Praying with me: This Week’s Prayer Requests

October 28, 2010

1. Give Thanks–Southside Offering: Join me in thanking God for His provision through His people. To date we have received $654,402.21 in cash and we praise God for His provision! When we add pledges to this amount, the total is over $700,000.00!

 2.  Give Thanks—Kareni Bible:  We continue to rejoice over the publishing of the first New Testaments in the Kareni heart-language (known as the “Kayah” dialect).  Calvary is the U.S. point of distribution for these Bibles and we are praying for those distributing them in S.E. Asia (under the threat of persecution).  

3.  “Ambassador” Chapman:   Pray for Dr. Chapman as he ministers on a military base in Germany.  Gary has a full schedule this week and weekend as he teaches and encourages military families.

4.  Ladies Hospitality Dinner (Fri-Sat, Nov. 5 & 6):  Pray for those attending the dinner especially for those who need to hear and respond to the life-changing message of Christ.

 5.  Missionary Appointment Service (Wed, Nov. 10th):   Calvary is hosting a special event for the Southern Baptist Convention and the International Mission Board. There will be 50 new missionaries appointed in this service (4 of them are Calvary members).  Pray for the missionaries and their families and for all who are preparing to lead in this event.

Southside Update

October 21, 2010

As of yesterday, the cash in hand is: $575,202.11. (plus pledges)

Can’t wait until Sunday….we should know more…and we can rejoice together!

Southside Update

October 18, 2010

We all know it’s not about the money! We know the real point is to be learned in the stories of how God has worked in our hearts, our families, our vision….and, how He will continue to work in the hearts of people in the Southside community.

With 14 days left in the month, the goal is clearly in sight! As of last night, God’s people have given $564,437.11.

In addition to this, some have committed to give at a later date…and the amount pledged is significant. We remember that the repairs and operating costs were only estimates so the exact amount needed is not known. We will use everything given in this offering for future ministries in the Southside. It will be exciting to see where we end up!

God is faithful! He is doing a great work through His People! And, we give Him praise!

Garage Sales & Southside Offering

October 16, 2010

Quite a few have given this testimony:

We really wanted to participate in the Southside offering but we didn’t have any money. We looked around the house, trying to come up with a way to give and decided to have a Garage Sale. It went very well. We made $_____ and gave it all as our offering. We are so excited that we were able to find a way to give!”

These testimonies confirm what we anticipated God doing during the month of October. The Southside Ministry will be blessed through this offering….and we are blessed as we find a way to give!

First Report on Southside Offering

October 10, 2010


Unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond all we could ask or think!

Wow–What a day!  On the first day of the offering–we have enough to close on the property! 

As of tonight, God’s People have given $454,194 for the purchase of Calvary: Southside. 

Remember, our goal is $400,000 to purchase the property (set to close Nov 1st) and $150,000 more for repairs/upfitting and 2 yrs operating costs($50,000) for a total of $600,000.

So, here’s the report.    Goal: $600,000 …..Given: $454,194……Needed: $145,806

What now?  Let’s continue to pray and watch how God works through His People between now and the end of October!

10.10.10 Big Day at Calvary

October 9, 2010

Tomorrow is a big day at Calvary!

As one teenager posted on Facebook:

‘anyone who goes to calvary.. I encourage and remind you to pray
specifically about how you can give this sunday to the southside
offering. God’s gonna do great things with that ministry -He already

We are asking God to move His people to give $600,000 above our regular tithes and offerings. Have you prayed about your part?

Get ready!

God at Work–Testimonies Related to Southside

October 7, 2010


Testimonies keep rolling in!    Here are two from yesterday:

1. Former Church Member not living in another state

“even with our involvement in our local church, we manage to tune into to Calvary via live web streaming. When I heard Pastor Al talking about the Southside building I immediately thought ‘I can do that.’ So, when the vote passed on 9/19 we decided we wanted the opportunity to give too. Please find enclosed our check for _______.”

2.  Church member begging God for the privilege of giving.  A lady writes:

I had nothing to give so I prayed and asked God to show me a way to give.  The amount of  $50 came to mind…which is a lot considering how difficult it is to live on my pension.

I considered, cheaper shampoo, ways to save money with my ongoing medication,  etc.  and after cutting corners–I had saved $30 cash.  I put the $30 cash and a $20 check in an envelope…prepared to give the $50.

Then, I received a check in the mail for $50!  In the envelope was a check and a note from my friend who said, ‘I don’t know what you need this for but the Lord told me to send it to you!’

Now, I can give even more!”