Adjusted Schedule

February 28, 2011

There are times we lose total control of our schedules.—Tuesday/Wednesday is one of those times for me.

 About a year ago I accepted an invitation to speak for a Pastors/Leaders Conference in Syracuse, NY.   Later we learned that Deacons’ meeting would be moved to this Monday night—so,  I would have to leave early Tuesday morning to make the luncheon and speak at the evening session Tuesday evening.

Then, long-time church member and friend C.T. Richardson went home to be the Lord.  His funeral needed to be scheduled for Wednesday morning….so, 

I would like to ask my prayer partners to pray for grace to adjust to this new schedule and pray for God to give me physical strength, a clear mind and His anointing presence. 

Here’s what I will do if all the connections work:


Depart GSO at 7:00 a.m.  

Arrive SYR at 11:45 a.m.


Afternoon sessions

Speak at Evening Session


Depart SYR at 5:30 a.m.

Arrive GSO at 9:00 a.m.

Funeral at 10:30

Earth Life is Short

February 26, 2011

Today we have the privilege of celebrating Audrey’s Birthday—she’s one of our “precious treasures” (that what “Nani” calls our 11 grandkids!).   Audrey is six years old–today!

I am reminded that life is precious—and earth life is short.  One of my heroes went to be with the Lord last night.  C.T. Richardson (WWII hero and long-time WS Policeman) died last night after 88 years of earth life.  This man was a humble servant who poured out his life for others. Every time our paths crossed C.T. took the time to say positive words of encouragement.  I rejoice that he’s not suffering and has found true rest in heaven—but I am going to miss this special friend—our Calvary family will miss him too!

This earth life is short.

 Today, I pray we will see our family and friends through the lens of the Gospel; that our lives will be characterized by love and service; and that we will be encouragers, as we speak of the love and life that comes from Jesus!


It’s Friday and….

February 25, 2011

We often set aside time to pray for Missionaries on Friday morning.  Many of our friends live in places where Friday is a day of  worship.  The people they live among (and love) are worshipping in darkness and need hear and understand the Good News of Jesus. 

Do you know anyone who lives and serves God in a place like this?  Are you watching the news and praying for the Gospel to move through Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, etc.  Read John 4 and join me in praying for Good News of Jesus to be freely proclaimed in places where it has not been welcomed.

Read John 4:21-26


February 24, 2011


The last few months have been really different. KK has made many adjustments so that she could take care of her parents (our kids call them Big D and Mema). She spent the last week in N. Atlanta helping them and returned home after 9 days….I encountered some schedule problems in Nashville and was not able to get home until yesterday–so we were apart for 10 days.

It is so good to be home. Not simply because it is a familiar place (…with all my stuff) but because KK and I could sit and spend hours talking about what’s been going on. We try to stay in touch on the phone when we’re apart but the face time has no substitute.

The next few days will be full but it’s really good to be home–together. 

It’s kinda home when she’s not here—but you know what I mean?  It’s not really home without her here.

Pray for our upcoming schedule:

  • Two full days of appointments (TH/FRI)
  • KK and Staff wives fellowship tonight  (at our place)
  • Dr. Black and teacher training Saturday morning (at Calvary West)
  • Full day Sunday (preaching 3 morning services and evening service)
  • Staff Day–Monday
  • Monday night Deacons’ Mtg
  • Tuesday travel to Syracuse, NY and speak at Pastors’ Conference

Praying Friends

February 22, 2011

Thanks to all who prayed for us the last few weeks. We have experienced renewed strength.

I am in Nashville meeting with the Executive Committee (EC). Thanks for praying…we had a great day today.

Tonight we had a special service honoring the new (EC) President, Dr. Frank Page. Travis Cottrell led the worship time….and he sang “we long for You!” I’ve probably heard the song before…but tonight- I heard it- I needed it.

For a few months, my heart felt dull and sleepy. I asked you to pray and I have cried out to God asking Him to renew the joy of my
salvation. As Travis sang tonight, I was reminded of my life verse (Phil. 3:10) and sensed the depth of God’s answering our prayers. My heart cried with Travis: “we long for You!”

Tomorrow will be challenging but I am expecting God to work. KK will be driving home fro ATL and I’m in meetings all day. Thanks for walking with us- praying friends.

Prayer Partner Update

February 19, 2011

There has been a real sense of joy and direction since I cried out for prayer partners a couple of weeks ago!  KK and I feel a real sense of gratitude and partnership for the many friends who have taken time to read these updates and pray for us.

KK spoke to a Ladies meeting today in Atlanta.  These ladies gathered for the express purpose of learning how to pray for Muslim women.  She reports a clear anointing and moving of God in this meeting.  Thanks for praying for her! She will remain in Atlanta for a couple of more days while I go to Nashville for an Executive Committee meeting.

Sunday will be a physical challenge as I preach 3 times and hustle to catch a flight to Nashville.  I have a dinner/evening meeting with the Exec. Committee Officers..  FYI:  I woke up this morning with an infection in my right eye…went to doctor and started on some medication.  I still have a fair amount of discomfort and a headache.  So….I know I am a simple jar of clay but pray I can be a vessel fit for the Master’s use (2 Cor. 4:7; 2 Tim. 2:20-21).

Our friend Victor (from Moldova) will be in the evening service at Calvary.  I know our Calvary Family will be blessed by his testimony and Dr. Chapman’s message….pray for all our Sunday services!

Tom Elliff — Man of God– Next President of the IMB

February 17, 2011


Tom Elliff is a humble, anointed, man of God! Period.

If you have ever met Tom, you know that God has clearly anointed him.   He loves people and when they meet him—they can tell! Tom has been a one-of-a kind leader in Southern Baptist life…

Tom believes in prayer; he honors God’s Word; he loves God’s Church; he loves missionaries; he longs for the Peoples of the world to worship Messiah Jesus!   

Tom loves his family.  Tom and Jeannie have demonstrated great love and grace—through years of marriage and ministry…and in recent years when they walked through Jeannie’s cancer treatments.

I could write volumes expressing my deep respect for Tom….but let me say it again:

Tom Elliff is a humble, anointed, man of God.

IMB Announcement