Time Away

July 23, 2011

KK and I have been at her parents house a few days now, working on things related to their care. We’ve made some progress, and a few decisions, but in the words of our daughter Katy “it’s only going to get worse because none of us are getting younger….” But please, don’t think we’re complaining! We are grateful that our Lord has made it possible for us to serve them in this season of life.

Today we head to the mountains to spend a week resting, reading and praying.  We hear there’s no TV so we’re expecting a week unplugged together.  

Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement.  These are important days in the big picture of our lives and ministry. 

Prayer Request

July 18, 2011

KK and I just arrived in GA ….and we will be here a couple of weeks. We appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement during this time of struggling with her parents’ health.

The next few weeks are critical as we seek a direction for the fall. We know the way things have gone the last few months is not a long-range solution.

I anticipate key decision points and would make this simple request:

whenever God reminds you to pray for us —  pray for wisdom from above.

Community: Serve — Seeing the Connetion

July 10, 2011

This is  “Community: Serve”   week at Calvary.  Although this is a one-week effort, it is connected to our year round commitment to serve our community in Jesus’ name!

It is my prayer that this week will help us see the connection between:

  1. Mercy Ministries and Missional Living (see below)
  2. International Missions and Local Missions
  3. “Doing Justice” and “Loving Mercy”   (see Micah 6:8)

For years we have been on a journey at Calvary…learning   “God’s Heart for the Nations.”  It is my prayer that we will see the connection and also begin learning  “God’s Heart for the Vulnerable.”  We don’t have to leave town to learn it.  There are plenty of hurting and hopeless people nearby.  May this week help us make the connection!


Community: Serve — Connection to our Core Values!

July 10, 2011


Mercy Ministries

We seek to remember the poor, hopeless, and oppressed by aiding them through relief, rehabilitation, and development.

Missional Living

We seek to appropriately engage cultures (both here and abroad) by permeating them as equipped worshippers whose lives are defined by the mission – in all that we do.

Community Serve!

July 1, 2011

Most everyone around Calvary would agree:  few things have impacted our church like the focus on community ministries!

A few years ago we launched “Love: Winston-Salem” because we knew it was the right thing to do.  Many local ministries needed our help and there were so many opportunities to serve our neighbors .  We started with a mission trip to Winston-Salem and expected that it would launch year-round ministry involvement….and that is exactly what happened!

Now, week-after-week, members of the Calvary Family join hands with other believers and serve in our community.  So the question is:  “Why do we still have a special week to focus on the community?”  My answer is two-fold:

1.  Ministry Advance:  Some ministries require a periodic tune-up.  With an intense week of special focus, we can advance the cause in ways that our ministry partners can’t do in their weekly patterns.

2.  Mobilization: We need the opportunity to let people experience local ministry as a part of the mobilization process.  The lessons learned in one week allow us to consider other ways to serve year-round.

So…the time is upon us.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of Community Serve!

TO SIGN UP, do one of the following…

  • See a volunteer in the lobby of all three venues to sign-up on Sunday.
  • Go to www.calvarynow.com/communityserve  to sign up on-line.
  • Call 714.5502 and leave a message of where and when you wish to serve.