If anyone lacks wisdom

November 7, 2011

Hey, that would be me!  I desperately need God to give me perspective!

This thing called “transition” has a lot of moving parts!  James 1 says “…count it joy when you encounter various, multi-colored trials.”  So, I’m counting on it.  This is a blessing and God is teaching us great things.

I keep remembering the sermon entitled, “What to do when you don’t know what to do!”  (James 1:2-8)

For those who have joined us in praying for the transition, read James 1 and join me in praying this way….

  • Count it Joy:  God is up to something!
  • Need Wisdom:  God’s perspective
  • Ask God:  He alone has what I need
  • In Faith:   Trusting, believing His way is right
  • Not Doubting:  His ways are right…I’m not considering whether or not I will do it God’s way…I’m ready to do it!
  • Not Double-minded: (literally- “two-souled”)  My soul is set to follow His direction.

Asking for God’s wisdom for these things:

  1. Winston-Salem House:  negotiating price and whether or not buyers have ability to pay.
  2. Atlanta Housing:  Build on KK’s parents’ land, buy, temporary housing, etc
  3. Team Building:  finally have a new Admin Asst & Team leader…planning an upcoming team retreat, etc.
  4. Ministry Design: How to serve Southern Baptist as we seek to align mercy ministries and missional living in the context of local church.