Thanks for prayer support–as we go!

August 20, 2012

KK jumped in the car today to go to Nashville to help our friend Cari.  Cari has a special place in our heart and her special-needs son Timothy had an accident requiring surgery…and he’s in ICU. KK is helping Cari at the hospital and will be helping with the other kids as well. Pray for Cari and Brian and Timmy (and the 4 other kids).    for updates on Timmy click here

I’m packing for my trip to RDU and Houston. Here’s the schedule:

  • Meeting with Business and Professional Network leaders on Tuesday
  • Meeting with Seminary students for dinner Tuesday night
  • Preaching at Southeastern Seminary’s chapel on Wednesday
  • Flying to Houston for meeting Wednesday night
  • Meetings all day Thursday and flying home late Thursday night

A couple of more things.  

Kevin Ezell’s father-in-law is near death.  If you don’t recognize his name, Kevin is President at NAMB.  Join me in praying for Kevin’s wife Lynette and all of her family.  

Big D (KK’s 89 yr old father) will be home alone for two nights.  He should be fine but we are always thinking of him in situations like this when we are both gone.

Thanks.  It’s hard to explain how much we need you prayer and how much we see God move when you pray.  

We really need our prayer partners!

Prayer Requests for Next Week

August 18, 2012

I will be in NC at the Southeastern Seminary (SEBTS) this Wednesday (08.22.12) It is always exciting to be around seminary students who are preparing for their future ministry.  Pray that God will speak as we open up Jeremiah 29 together.

The day before, I will be meeting with various leaders in RDU considering how God is using the Faith and Work movement to impact communities with Gospel presence and proclamation.

Immediately, I head to Houston to meet with Baptist leaders.  Preparing for the SBC to be in Houston (June  11-12, 2013) we are looking for ways to multiply ministry in Houston and cast vision for ministry throughout North America.


Pray for Chet Cantrell and the Christian Activity Center in E. St. Louis.  (Click here)   Yesterday, in a phone conversation with Chet, I was reminded that this CAC is in the poorest zip code in the U.S. and has the highest murder rate of almost any place in the world.


Prayer Partners Update

August 14, 2012

We spent  a long weekend in the Denver area.  KK and I enjoyed the scenery but were especially refreshed by the 1-on-1 time.  (After all her “Love Language” is Quality Time).

I woke up early Sunday morning and went to the lobby for coffee.  Since it was about 5:30, and no one was in the lobby, I struck up a conversation with the night manager at the desk.

After a few minutes, I asked Justin for a late checkout time–explaining that I was heading to the Riverside Church (about a block away) and it would really help if I could stop by and change clothes before checking out.

He said, “Sure.  Do you have friends there?”  I responded, “Actually I am speaking there this morning.”

His countenance totally changed and he asked,  “Are you some kind of priest, a pastor, or something?”  I responded, “Yes, something like that….”

Then Justin asked, “Would you pray for me?  My life is kindda a mess right now.”

Justin and I talked about why we can’t earn our way to heaven and why Jesus had to die on a cross.  Justin and I prayed together and he started a new journey of understanding what it means to be forgiven and know Christ as his life.

I took Justin’s phone number and invited him to the 8:00 service.  I told him that I understood that he had been up all night and might need to come to church another time.  He got off at 7:00 and waited around so he could attend the 8:00 service!  After the service, I introduced Justin to the Associate Pastor.  The Pastor reported to me that Justin seemed very interested in building a relationship and said, “I’m really new at this….I could use a lot of help!”

Me too Justin!  Every day I need the Gospel!  Every day I need to know Christ as my life!

This Week’s Prayer List

August 8, 2012

It’s been encouraging to hear from our prayer partners.  It’s hard to explain what happens when you pray….and, it’s hard to explain how much we need it!

We face struggles–compared to some people, our challenges are small.  Yet, we need to be transparent and tell our prayer partners that we continue to face spiritual warfare and need to see the hand of God in so many ways!  So, here’s some updates and requests….


  • Overwhelmed:  so many changes and so much to do–we need peace to go slow–discernment to know what to do when–we need wisdom from above.
  • Details: KK has tackled some major projects related to her mom’s estate.  I’m really proud of her efforts and perseverance!
  • Garage: The garage addition is going well  (slow, but well).  KK’s had a lot of decisions to make related to materials, colors, etc.  We hope to move our furniture out of storage next month and then we have to face the possibilities of remodeling. That leads to….
  • Unsettled: Even though we know taking care of “Big D” is our top priority–we don’t have our household goods and have no place of our own.  Some days we’re o.k. with that…and some days it’s a struggle. We look forward to the time we can have friends and co-workers in our home.
  • Extended Family:  Some of you know that we have 4 grown kids & 11 grandkids.  We want them all to walk with God and delight in Him.  We don’t live near any of them but we are praying they will see and respond to the working of God!
  • Ministry: KK has been asked to participate in 2 different ESL ministries.  With so many challenges here at home, she needs discernment and direction.

Ministry Updates

  • God has blessed my speaking engagements with clarity and anointing.
  • The Send North America Conference was incredible.  In 2011 there were 400 people in attendance and this year over 2200 attended.  But it was more than just a crowd.  Church planters, church planting churches, SendCity Coalitions, etc.  all shared a great sense of partnership.
  • KK is going to Colorado with me this weekend.  We look forward to a day off…seeing the Rockies and then I am preaching at Riverside Baptist Church (Denver) this Sunday.
  • I’m home next week but have 6 weeks of intense travel after that…

Thanks for reading this.  And, thanks for praying us….

“…strive together with me in your prayers…”  (Rom. 15:30)

Ministry Prayer List for August

August 4, 2012

Here are some highlights for the month.  I recognize that I can be busy and still not be fruitful.  Recognizing that without Him I can do nothing, I’m asking you to pray for our ministry during the month of August.

  • 04-05 August      Meeting with a potential staffer who would be responsible for Mobilizing Hispanic churches for church planting
  • 06-09 August      Sr. Leadership Team and “at home week.”
  • 10-13  August      Denver  (KK will be with me on this trip)
  •        12 August       Preach at Riverside   (Denver)
  • 14-15 August        NAMB New Trustees and Exec. Committee
  • 20-21 August       Raleigh-Durham, NC
  •        21 August       Preach at Southeastern Seminary Chapel
  • 21-22  August       Houston, TX
  • 22-23 August        Alabama  (Evangelism Vision & Leadership Preparation)
  • 26-29 August        San Diego, CA  (Vision San Diego)

Throughout the month our team will continue take the steps needed to gather best practices and serve existing churches and church planters.

Thanks for being our prayer partners.