Prayer Update 09.21.12

September 22, 2012

Katy made it home.  Had some problems with her flight in London and was re-routed to DFW and then ATL…and her suitcase didn’t make it…but she’s fine and resting….and we’re catching up.

Yesterday afternoon I drove to Spartanburg, SC for a Leadership Conference.  FBC North Spartanburg, led by Pastor Mike Hamlet, has called leaders together for a Friday night/Saturday morning prayer time.  We are seeking God together as they prepare to implement some new directions for their ministry.  We sensed the hand of God at work last night and I am anticipating a great morning.

We’re going to look at James 4:5-8;  2 Kings 18:4 with Jn. 3:14-15; John 15;  and  2 Cor. 5:16-21

Will you pray for us?


Prayer Update (and Requests)

September 20, 2012

September has been exciting and challenging.  We have seen God at work and want to thank you for your partnership in prayer. 

We take your prayer partnership seriously.  Paul told the Romans that they were his co-laborers as he called them to “strive together” (together-agonize) with him in their prayers.

“….strive together with me in your prayer…” (Rom 15.30)

Last Sunday, at FBC Roanoke, the hand of God was on the service.  My heart was over-flowing as people responded to the message and knelt at the front to pray.  It was clear that God was at work—I know you prayed.

This has been a special week meeting with friends and co-workers in Tennessee.  Most of the week has been in Nashville but yesterday I visited the campus of Union University (Jackson, TN) and talked about how God is moving in Memphis, Jackson and Nashville, TN.  Pray for my colleague (Shane Critzer) who will be speaking on campus today and tomorrow.

Today I will be with the National SBC African-American Fellowship and then hurry back to ATL to meet Katy as she arrives from the Middle East tonight.

 Please pray for this weekend.  I am going to FBC North Spartanburg to spend Friday night and Saturday morning with their church leaders.  Their pastor (Mike Hamlet) has asked me to spend a few hours helping church leaders seek God together and pray for personal revival. We will be looking at what the Scripture says about Hungering and Thirsting for God.

 Preparing for this time has been weighty!  Will you pray for us?

” …you help us by your prayers. …

many will give thanks on our behalf

for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many.”  

(2 Cor. 1:11)

September Prayer Calendar

September 6, 2012

September is filled with challenges and opportunities.  We appreciate your prayer support as we hit the road.

  • This week–Alabama Baptists: meet with Evangelism leadership as we prepare for a special ministry evangelism emphasis.
  • IMB:  Gordon Fort invited me to IMB’s Emeriti week.  This event, for retired missionaries, takes place every five years.  Over 1000 missionaries will be there….and we will talk about how their ministry experience can impact North America.
  • Together for Adoption (T4A):  the 2012 Annual Conference (in Atlanta where we will hosts a SBC breakout session. (09.14-09.15)
  • FBC Roanoke:  Preach for morning services (Sept 16th)
  • SBC Executive Committee: (Nashville) Sept 17th-18th
  • Union University (Jackson, TN)  Sept 19th
  • African American Fellowship (Nashville) Sept 20th
  • FBC Spartanburg, SC  (leadership retreat) Sept 21-22
  • Graffiti Church, (NYC)  Sept 25th
  • 10 City Coalition (NYC) Sept 26th
  • Movement Day (NYC) Sept 27th
  • Graffiti Church (NYC) September 28th
  • Jackson, GA:  Reunion and Preach at Home church (FBC Jackson) September 30th

Thanks for your prayer support.  Would not want to try it without you!

August–Prayer Updates

September 3, 2012

We walked in confidence as you prayed for us and God put His light on the path–step by step.

God blessed our time in Denver.  We were encouraged by the people at the Riverside Church and the bonus days in the Rockies were fabulous!

KK always chooses time looking at God’s handiwork over any fancy place I could take her!  We don’t feel good about leaving Big D alone for very long.  But, we arranged some things for him and stretched this trip into 4 days and 3 nights away.  It was great!

My time in the Raleigh area went well.  I spent one day visiting with friends discussing how Business and Professional Networks can play a big role in transforming North American Cities.  That night, my co-worker (Sam) and I shared a meal with 8 seminary students and were encouraged by friends and met some new friends.

Being on the campus of Southeastern Seminary  is always special to me.  I remember going there 20 years ago to teach classes and challenge students to engage their churches in missions.  Later, two of our daughters finished their undergraduate degrees at Southeastern.  Today I am honored that Danny Akin, and many of the professors, are my friends.  It was exciting to preach at the opening missions chapel.

Immediately, I left Raleigh for a couple of days in Houston.  We talked about the existing ministries in Houston and spent time praying for the SBC that will be there next summer.  We dreamed of ways Southern Baptists might use their time in Houston to LoveLoud and serve the city.  We pray that God’s love will be demonstrated in word and deed when we arrive next June!

Finally, KK has spent a couple of weeks loving on Cari and her son Timothy.  Timothy had emergency brain surgery after a fall on August 18th.  KK spent a week in Nashville–in the hospital room with Cari and Timmy.  As a part of his recovery process, Timmy was transferred to Children’s Hospital (here in Atlanta) for physical therapy.  KK has been able to spend some time with Cari every day…loving on Timmy and serving Cari.

You can read about Timmy’s progress on CaringBridge.

September promises to be an exciting month with many opportunities.  I will list the prayer requests soon but it didn’t seem right to move on without giving you this update and saying a BIG THANKS to all of you who are on our Prayer Team.