Prayer partner update: today’s medical report

February 25, 2014

I had a follow up visit with the internal medicine specialist today. Since she has not been able to give a clear diagnosis or prognosis she wants to refer me to another doctor. She has discussed my case with one of the best endocrinologist in the area and they are both recommending I return to the Mayo Clinic for a consultation.

Theory is my symptoms relate to long-term use of prednisone for my abdominal mass (“sclerosing messenteritis”).

I went to Mayo back in 2006 to confirm a treatment plan. This consult will seek to understand changes in the mass over time—and learn of possible new treatment options.

We are adjusting the meds, I am feeling better, and encouraged –believing this is a good plan. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

Medical Report

February 20, 2014

I just learned that the cancer scans came back negative. Although we do not know the next step of treatment, it is a relief to learn that the symptoms are not caused by carcinoid tumors.

I will follow up with the doctor next week. Thanks for prayers and concern.

The University of Waiting

February 19, 2014

Years ago we were about to begin a study of the book of Joshua. I decided to introduce the book by looking at how God had prepared Joshua for the new assignment. One sermon turned into a 3 message mini-series we entitled “The University of Waiting.”

Joshua had been enrolled in courses like: Solitude, Soldiering, and Servanthood. (they all had to start with an “S” for me to remember them). 🙂
These were courses God used to teach Joshua how to trust Him in difficult situations.

We have been waiting on a medical diagnosis for a couple of months now. It is clear to me that God has enrolled me in the University of Waiting. It is my prayer that I will stay submitted to the coursework so that God can do in me everything He needs to do—because, in the days ahead I want to trust Him more than ever before!

We called the doctor’s office today and learned that the test results have been sent from the hospital and the doctor will review them and give us a call. Maybe tomorrow or Friday?

So, for now, we wait—enrolled in the University of Waiting.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
(Joshua 1:9)

Weekend Prayer Partner Update

February 15, 2014

Weekend waiting  (again)

I finished the 2-day test Wed morning—we were told the family doctor should have the results in 24-48 hours.  
But this has been an unusual week in Atlanta (snow, ice, etc) so I was braced for delay.  Yesterday afternoon we were told the results had not been sent from the hospital– so we have another weekend of waiting.  
Thanks for the encouragement and prayers.  We will post the results as soon as we know.  
Have a great weekend!


Wednesday Prayer Upate

February 12, 2014

Made it!

I woke up early–before the alarm went off.  Made it up the hill to hospital and was in the waiting area before 0600.

The technicians arrived at 0700 and we were able to get the test underway.  We only had to repeat two of the three parts and I was out the door about 0830.  (we MIGHT get the test results this week?)

The roads were deserted. Most had been treated. Quite messy but passable.  

Sure glad to make it home to KK and her dad.  We are hunkered down and staying warm.

Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragment. 

Tuesday— Prayer Partner Update

February 11, 2014

The saga continues….

We went today for round two of the “Octreotide scan” (the test is no big deal—just had to be still for an hour).
Thankful to get it out of the way, KK and I went to a nearby restaurant to grab something to eat and the phone rings…..the radiology tech tells me that I need to come back for another day of testing.
Sounds easy–but with a major ice storm hitting Atlanta tonight we had to start trying to figure out how.  Can’t really just postpone it since the “tracer” was injected yesterday and the timing is critical.
I checked into a hotel near the hospital and will drive (or walk) to the hospital early tomorrow morning.
We decided KK needed to stay with her 90 yr old dad in case the ice is too bad to drive back home.
Thanks for your prayers.  We don’t expect to hear from this test until Friday (or Monday?).

Prayer Partner Update

February 3, 2014

“Let patience have her perfect work….”   (James 1:4)

Those words from the KJV keep going through my head.  This part of the journey started Dec 12th. Since then I’ve had lots of different tests.  The heart checked out o.k. –the problems with the heart rhythms can be treated with medication.

After two weeks of waiting (for tests sent off to a special lab), we went the doctor today to get the results. These tests ruled out one direction and set us on another path.  So, guess what?  I get to have more tests!

I am scheduled for tests next Monday (Feb 10th) and Tuesday (Feb 11th) unless a slot opens up before then.

I was hoping to have more to report but for now the prayer request sound like before…. Pray that:

1.  The meds will keep me steady (no more episodes).

2.  God will guide the medical workers to see what’s going on…

3.  God will give us great peace and patience as we wait.

4.  God will give me wisdom on my schedule

– canceled travel

-trying to keep up with things at work

-staff doing great job helping carry the load

Thanks for all of your words of encouragement and prayers.