Thanks for Praying– We Could Definitely Tell

January 29, 2015

We’re rookies–I admit it.  For those of you who have walked this path, you probably knew what KK was facing. But we’ve never been through anything like this before and don’t know what to expect. Today went extremely well–no problems at all.

The oncology staff was super nice and concerned with every detail.  They were caring and competent.  KK had incredible peace. She kept looking at me and saying, “I am so glad we have so many people praying for me.  I can really tell.”

I’ve read her every email, every comment through this site and FB.  It has been incredible to hear from friends that we met in different chapters of our ministry.  We are really blessed to have so many of you in our lives and on our prayer team.

We have been told to expect the worse Saturday and Sunday.  If God brings KK to mind over the weekend, we know you will pray again.

Prayer Partner Update

January 28, 2015

KK begins chemotherapy tomorrow.  She is facing 4 treatments:

  • January 29th
  • February 19th
  • March 12th
  • April 2nd

She knows that many of you are praying and that means a lot.  She has also been encouraged by your notes and comments (she is not very cyber-savvy so I read her every comment from this site and FB).

We have been told to expect a rhythm to the treatments:  week after treatment-difficult and the next two weeks a little better.

I will update you as we walk through this.  Thanks for being on our Prayer Team.

The Next Step

January 22, 2015

At the hospital waiting on KK to recover from day surgery- they just implanted the port-a-cath that will be used for her Chemotherapy.

She is scheduled to start Chemo next Thursday (01.29.15) and will have 4 treatments over a 12 week period.

We will keep you posted.

Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

The Next Challenge

January 14, 2015

The lab reports indicate that KK is at high-risk for a recurrence of cancer in the next few years. There is no evidence of additional cancer at this time – but hormone therapy alone is not an adequate approach to treatment.

She will begin chemotherapy soon. Chemotherapy will reduce the risk in half.

KK has amazing peace as she faces this trial. She often recalls friends who have endured much worse and declares her confidence in God who knows all things.

I don’t mean to sound like there is no concern. As we make the appointment for the chemotherapy port, the next steps become very real.

Knowing that our Prayer Team is in place is very encouraging. We know that you are there walking with us–and we will update you as soon as we have appointments on the calendar.

January 4th Update

January 4, 2015

Thanks for your prayers. This week was a lot better. KK is not retaining as much fluid and therefore her pain has been less.

We continue to wait for the lab report and KK will venture out on her own for Physical Therapy appointments as my work schedule kicks into high gear.


Katy is gone for a month.  She is attending a course that will certify her to lead an ESL Training Center for refugees–when the time is right.   Thanks for praying for her financial support.  We do not have the final report yet but believe Katy is very close to having the support she needs for the next two years. She plans to return to the Middle East in February.

Thanks again for being on our Prayer Team.