“Refreshed in your company…”

February 28, 2015

Friendship is an amazing thing.  Our long-time friend (Lydia) has been here for 10 days–serving KK during Round Two of chemotherapy.  She flew home to San Antonio today.

When we first met Mark & Lydia (over 30 years ago) Lydia was a young bride battling leukemia. As Lydia suffered through treatments and emerged victorious, I watched God knit KK and Lydia’s hearts together.

Reflecting on the last 10 days, looking for the right words to describe the time, I came across Paul’s description of time with friends.  At the end of the book of Romans Paul said he was looking forward the time when he would be “refreshed in your company.”  (Rom. 15:32)

That’s the best way to say it:  KK has been refreshed by the company of a friend.

A couple of verses earlier (Rom. 15:30) Paul talked about friends laboring together in prayer. A big thanks to all of you co-laborers  who continue encouraging us through your friendship and prayers.

Prayer Partner Update (Chemo: Round 2)

February 18, 2015

KK will go tomorrow (02.19.15) for Round 2.

As expected, the first week following Chemo was hard.  The next couple of weeks she felt better every day.

Lydia Hogan arrived today from San Antonio.  We are blessed to have this long-time friend who volunteered to spend the next week with KK.

It means a lot to know you are praying for her as she goes tomorrow–and for the next 3 weeks that follow.

Prayer Partner Update (02.15.15)

February 15, 2015

We thank God for all of you who are praying for KK as she continues her Chemotherapy.

Her hair started falling out today– so I shaved my head to join her. I know, I didn’t have far to go– and her’s will all grow back!

Her next treatment is this Thursday, Feb. 19th.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragment.  We’ll keep you posted.

Open and Closed Doors? (Sermon Notes)

February 15, 2015

You’ve heard people say: “God opened a door”  or   “God closed a door.” I preached this morning at Noonday Baptist Church (Kennesaw, GA).  Beginning March 1st, I will serve as their interim pastor on the weekends.  Today we looked today at the Book of Acts– the beginning of the 2nd Missionary Journey. Here’s a review:

  1. Desire   (15:36)  Many times God puts His direction on our hearts.  We just keep thinking about it, it lines up with His revealed purposes…and it’s His direction.  Some people have been made to feel that if it’s God’s will, we can’t like it!  Don’t live like that!  Many times God turns our heads,  puts a desire in our hearts and it’s His leading.
  2. Conflict  (15:37-41)  It’s pleasant to be led by a Godly desire–it’s painful to find direction through conflict–but it happens.  God directed Saul one way and Barnabas another.  Let’s not waste our conflicts!  Let’s get on our faces, examine our hearts, take time to grow, and perhaps conflict will be the very thing God uses to tell us which way to go.  Don’t run from conflict–let conflict move us to run to God…for direction!
  3. Mentoring    (16:3)  Barnabus took John Mark.  Paul invited young Timothy to go along.  God uses mentors to open doors and give direction.  Who believed in you?  Who are you encouraging?  That’s how Kingdom work gets done.  And, often God uses Godly leaders to point us to the open door.
  4. Divine Intervention       (16:6-10)     Notice the wording: “forbidden” and “did not permit”  It’s not clear how God gave this direction but somehow the door closed.  They kept moving (responding to the light they had) but the doors just kept closing.   A closed-door doesn’t mean God’s through.  It may be the wrong direction or wrong time or we’re not quite ready.   God uses His Word, Godly counsel, good and bad circumstances, and indwelling peace to give Divine direction.  Let’s remember, if something is difficult, it still may be the will of God.  Just take a little more time to listen.  And, God may open a door by showing you a need….
  5. Need   (16:9)   We can’t meet every need.  However, God clearly uses needs to break the hearts of His children and sometimes seeing the need give us direction as to where God is opening a door. The need may be a hurting person.  The need may be a prepared person…
  6.  Divine Appointment  (16:14)  Lydia was ready to respond to the Gospel.  God had prepared her heart and He opened her heart to receive the message.  Her responsiveness gave Paul and Silas direction.
  7. Annoyance (16:16-18)  Sometimes the difficult, nagging, annoying thing becomes the very thing God uses to direct us.  Paul’s response to the slave-girl became the very thing God used to open another door–the prison door!
  8. Chains (16:22-40) The chains, problems and prisons of life become instruments in God’s hands.  He uses them to put His grace on display.

Prayer Partner Update (02.06.15)

February 6, 2015

It’s been a week since KK’s first treatment. Although she has experienced side effects from the chemotherapy, we were braced for much worse.

She has gone back to the cancer center two times for IV fluids. These “extra” appointments have given her more opportunities to build relationships – as she sits for hours beside other patients.

She said tell our prayer partners, “I feel as though I am being carried along in a bubble of grace – surrounded by God’s care. Thanks so much for your prayers.”