When They Call Me “Pastor”

August 13, 2016

When I was kid, we usually called him “preacher.”   “Preacher Waterhouse” led me to Christ and baptized me. “Preacher Folsom” let me preach my first sermon as a teenager– and God used it to call me to preach. “Preacher McCullough” let me serve on his staff while I was in college…. sometimes I called him “Bro. Lavay.” Then in seminary I called my mentor “Bro. Paul.”  

Then, a small group of believers near Washington, D.C. contacted us.  We soon went to Northern Virginia to help them start a church –they called me “Pastor.”  When we were moving, I never thought what they would call me.  But, they are the ones who changed my name. And, now, for all of these years, my name is Pastor Al…. or Pastor Gilbert.

Tomorrow I am preaching at a friend’s church in Memphis and the title of the message is Pastor and People (1 People 5).  While preparing the sermon, I have been reminded how God has taught me through the people He has allowed me to serve. Every time I hear someone call me “pastor” I am reminded of the relationship and the responsibility. 

KK and I have been blessed to serve God’s People during these brief years on earth.  We stand on our tiptoes longing for the soon return of the Great Shepherd (Pastor) of our souls.