KK: Rehab update 

March 28, 2017

Day one presented the expected challenges of Rehab.  The Physical Therapist came to the house and started the torture- I mean “therapy.”   The P.T. is a pleasant & knowledgeable lady that KK will enjoy seeing for the next 3-4 weeks. 

I will avoid the daily travelogue but thought I should give you one more report. The next few days are supposed to be harder- so keep praying as often as the Spirit brings her to mind. 

We’ve been really blessed by your prayer support and encouragement. 

Update: We’re home !

March 27, 2017

Hard to believe but KK was up walking about 2:30pm and we were dismissed about 4:30pm 

We’re home and the in-home therapy begins. This “care-giver” stuff is going to make a man out me! (Guess I didn’t learn enough the first few rounds of cancer & reconstruction) 🙂

Thanks for praying. Keep it up since the nerve block, etc. will wear off and the intense rehab will begin tomorrow. 

We’ve been blessed by your “likes” and messages on FB, etc.  Wow! We are blessed to have Pastored so many of you and to still call you family & friends in Jesus. 

KK- PostOp update 

March 27, 2017

Just spoke with Surgeon and she did very well. 

She will be in recovery for a while and  then immediately start rehab (walking, etc)

We expect her to do well and I will take her home tonight. 

Thanks for praying. 

Prayer Partner Update- KK Surgery

March 26, 2017

Monday morning KK will have knee replacement surgery.  She damaged her knee as a teenager and has known this day would come sooner or later.  After weeks of getting medical clearance from various doctors, the time has finally come.

We appreciate your prayers.  We know a lot of people face greater challenges today and don’t want to make this too dramatic. However, we do appreciate your prayers and concern and I’ll keep you updated on this site.



40 Days of Prayer

March 15, 2017

Our church (Woodstock Church/Shallowford) is joining together in 40 Days of Prayer– leading up to Easter Sunday.   

Want to join us?  I am writing the guide in a very simple format-  Bible verse and prayer.

Join us any day you can by clicking here or bookmark the site.