KK’s Surgery Today Prayer Partner Update

January 22, 2018

Surgery is over and all is well.

It will take 7-10 days to get the pathology report.

It was an eventful day.

Quick blood typing this morning showed long-time antibodies in her blood presenting a challenge. Things came to a halt since a femoral artery was impacted by the mass and they needed the right blood available before starting the surgery.

Finally everything came together and 8 hours later she went back to surgery.

Just spoke with the surgeon. It was very deep but he navigated the vessels and removed the mass without complication.

She can go home later tonight.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

Next Step- update on KK’s Health

January 3, 2018

We spent the morning at Emory University Orthopaedics. KK had a CT scan and the Dr says the small mass is not attached to the bone (hooray!). And, he still does NOT expect it to be malignant.

She has surgery scheduled for Jan 22nd. Since the mass is located near the main artery, he does not want to attempt a needle biopsy. Instead, he will remove the mass and the pathology report should take about a week.

Thanks for your prayers. We are walking in abundant grace.

Eph. 3:20-21