Task Force and the SBC 2010

June 18, 2010

The SBC 2010 voted to affirm the recommendations from the Great Commission Task Force.  The vote appeared to be 3-to-1 “for” the recommendations.

Baptist Press articles report it this way:

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It was an honor for me to serve with these folks:

This Week’s Prayer List 04.14.10

April 14, 2010


Devote yourselves to prayer; stay alert in it with thanksgiving.  (Col. 4:2)


1. Global Impact Celebration (GIC): Final preparations are underway for the upcoming GIC (Apr 25th-May 2nd) Pray for wisdom and strength for the Calvary Teams who are hard at work; pray for joy and strength for the Mission Partners who will be joining us;  and pray for openness in the hearts of our people who will attend.

2.  Celebrating Personal Faith:    At least 15 people will celebrate Personal Faith in our services this Sunday. Many others are in the process of responding.  Pray for leaders as they counsel others individually; pray for many to know the conviction and courage required to follow through in this public following of Christ.

3.  Vacation Bible School (VBS) Preparation: Pray that God will raise up multiplied numbers of workers to serve, wisdom for leaders as they prepare, and hundreds of children and families to respond to the opportunity.

4.  Travel and Speaking:  Pray for us ( AL & AKK) as we travel to AR, MO, and TN.  I will be speaking at a Pastor’s Conference, a Mission Conference and working to write the final report of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force (GCRTF) 

5.  GCR Task Force:  Pray for wisdom as we finalize our report and prepare for the Southern Baptist Convention in June.  (for more information, click here)

Day # 31: Seeking the Lost

March 26, 2010


“the Father seeks….worshipers.

Jn. 4:23


“for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers…”  

Father, You are seeking worshipers —  You want to be worshiped —  You deserve to be worshiped. Let my heart beat in sync with Yours. 

“For the the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:10)  Lord Jesus, You came to seek the lost.  Your passion, Your mission, Your focus on earth was to seek the lost. 

Forgive me for being self-absorbed and losing sight of Your mission…seeking the lost.  

Give me a heart like Paul’s. Give me a longing for people to be saved.  (Rom 10:1)  

Father, change my heart.  Light a fire in my heart. May my heart’s simple desire be to join in Your mission–seeking the lost.

40 Days of Prayer (Feb 24-Apr 4)

February 18, 2010



A Call To Prayer

Throughout Scripture, we see the People of God called to special seasons of prayer. As we consider 2010 to be a time to strengthen our ministry, we have a strong sense that is it time for us to seek God together by entering into an unusual season of prayer


We assume our church members are engaged in regular, daily, normal times of prayer. However, there are times we agree to seek God together in “unusual” ways. What do we mean by unusual?

During This Season We Suggest You Consider

  • Times of Fasting and Prayer
  • Prayer Triplets (3 people praying together)
  • Special Times (early morning, noon, etc.)
  • Special Prayer (solemn assemblies, etc.)

Prayer Requests

January 26, 2010

So many people have written to say that they are praying for our meetings in Texas.  Thanks.  With great confidence, we enter these meetings knowing that He has works prepared for us to walk in today (Eph 2:10)

Keep praying for these meetings. (click here for updates)

Also, keep praying for (see below)

  • Danny and the medical team in Haiti
  • Eliana and her family

Prayer Requests

January 22, 2010

Please scroll down the page and pray for:

1.  GCR Task Force Meetings

2.  Calvary Member on medical Team to Haiti

Pray for us next week?

January 22, 2010

This next week is critical.  Our Great Commission Resurgence Task Force will be meeting in San Antonio and I am asking you to pray for us. 

Our Chairman, Ronnie Floyd, has issued this plea for prayer.  I hope you take a moment to read it and pray for us right now…and make a note to pray for us next week.


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