Encourage Global Prayer Requests

Most every day I am posting a short prayer request from the field on FaceBook. Some (not on Facebook) want another way to get these requests.  Let me know if this way works best for you and I can share the Prayer Requests this way as well….. Here are some of the requests that we’veContinue reading “Encourage Global Prayer Requests”

Prayer Request- Update

A few weeks ago, I shared the following Prayer Request about a freak accident.  KK had a few weeks recovery (very limited activity).  She’s doing much better now, driving and teaching her ESL and Ladies Bible Study classes. Here’s a personal prayer request that I shared on this site. ————–Prayer Request——————- KK had a freakContinue reading “Prayer Request- Update”

Give– Multiply Impact

We seek to encourage the multipliers.  These Workers are making spiritual investments in those who will pass on the investment to others (2 Tim. 2:2).  That’s multiplication. What could happen if you joined this multiplication process? Our Encourage Global Board has asked us to offer everyone an opportunity to give and expand our support base. Continue reading “Give– Multiply Impact”

Prayer Partner Update

This week I have been teaching leaders from 5 countries. These countries are places of intense spiritual warfare and persecution. I am always convinced that the teacher learns more than the students in situations like this. Their courage and dedication put things in a new perspective. As we share God’s Word together, I am remindedContinue reading “Prayer Partner Update”