We’re Launching a New Ministry

ENCOURAGEGLOBAL.COM God has connected our hearts to dozens of missionary families around the globe. We have watched them go to difficult places and have always wanted to do more to support their work. It all started when KK served as a trustee of the IMB. During these years we led our church on short termContinue reading “We’re Launching a New Ministry”

Anniversary – and it’s a Big One!

When I tell you how many, and you do the math, you’ll wonder how people this old could still be alive! First- we were teenagers when we married. Our parents knew we were called to vocational ministry and gave us their blessing to marry (young) and serve a church as Youth Pastor while going toContinue reading “Anniversary – and it’s a Big One!”

Monday Update: Great News!

We’re leaving the hospital and heading home. Since he’s able to walk, the Neurologist says he needs rest until the nerves are restored- not Rehab. We can worry about strengthening later. All the doctors, nurses and PT’s are stunned at his rate of recovery. We see God’s hand in the early diagnosis, immediate treatment, andContinue reading “Monday Update: Great News!”