Consider this….

We’ve been reading Keller’s book, The Prodigal God .  Wow!  It has reminded me of Identity truths that God hammered me with years ago.  Every time I think I understand my Identity in Christ, God reminds me of more ways that I don’t!

It has also reminded me that I don’t preach it often enough and clearly enough.  Big time conviction!

I probably shouldn’t tell you about this book because I think I see a series based on Luke 15 on the horizon.  If you remember this post, and make the connection, remember we are preaching Bible truths and not just copying Keller!

Get the book!  It’s worth the read!

Early meetings in Louisville

The Southern Baptist Convention is next week and I am serving on the Resolutions Committee. So, I had to arrive in Louisville on Wednesday to start work on Thursday morning. By charter, we cannot talk about the work outside of the committee meetings but I have enjoyed being locked up with some great folks from around the country.

Tonight, I am going to dinner with Jeremy and Christina, students at Southern Seminary. I’ve known Jeremy since he was little boy and his Dad (Terry) joined our staff in Virginia.

Tomorrow, everything changes because KK arrives at about noon! Can’t wait to see her!