40 Days of Prayer

Our church (Woodstock Church/Shallowford) is joining together in 40 Days of Prayer– leading up to Easter Sunday.   

Want to join us?  I am writing the guide in a very simple format-  Bible verse and prayer.

Join us any day you can by clicking here or bookmark the site.



Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

One thought on “40 Days of Prayer

  1. Pastor Al. Many years ago you baptised and took care of my son while I was traveling with my job. He became a great Christian young man until somehow he has lost his way along with his wife.My grandchildren don’t know who God is. I don’t want to reveil their names but I know you and KK will remember them. Please pray for their salvation and their children.
    We went to Liberty Baptist church in Hampton. In Gods Love Thank you.

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