Happy Father’s Day

We worshiped this morning at the East Campus of the Highview Baptist Church in Louisville. We’ve learned a lot from Highview.  While we were praying through our vision for a second campus, we discovered their model and ran to Louisville to talk about it.  But we discovered more than a model—we made some great friends! 

Dr. Kevin Ezell is the Sr. Pastor at Highview and he is an authentic humble man of God.  His easy going (and funny) manner makes him easy to love.  Kevin is a great leader of leaders and weekly pours out his life to serve the campus pastors (7 campuses) and teaching pastors on the Highview team.  http://www.highviewbaptist.org

Highview has entered into partnership with our son Josh and his church-plant in Boise, ID.  They are part of his regular support team and we are grateful for their investment.

But, the big event of the day is (our daughter) Katy’s departure for the Middle East.  It’s been fun having her around for the last few months. She is boarding a plane right now with a strategic plan and a heart full of dreams.

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