Prayer Partner Update: KK’s Health

So Far- So Good. Our Oncology appointment went well. The pathology report had a negative reading on one of the indicators (HER2-nu). However, the Oncologist recommended an additional study that will help to rule in/out Chemotherapy. This test (Oncotype) will require at least two weeks and we must wait for the results to know whatContinue reading “Prayer Partner Update: KK’s Health”

This Week’s Prayer List

It’s been encouraging to hear from our prayer partners.  It’s hard to explain what happens when you pray….and, it’s hard to explain how much we need it! We face struggles–compared to some people, our challenges are small.  Yet, we need to be transparent and tell our prayer partners that we continue to face spiritual warfareContinue reading “This Week’s Prayer List”

Different Kind of Bus Ministry (Part 3)

The next day I talked with a young man who opened up his heart to me.  He asked me to pray that he would find ways to build relationships with his neighbors—and share Christ. We talked about his struggle and the various things he had tried to meet his neighbors.  Although he longed to doContinue reading “Different Kind of Bus Ministry (Part 3)”