What’s this blog about?

There are so many good people writing blogs that I gave up trying to keep up. But a lot of folks are pushing me to carve out some time to blog…so, here I am!

I’m not comfortable writing like I’m some guru that can deliver the spiritual or intellectual vitamin you need every day. I would like to present some random stuff about our lives and open up our lives to share what God is doing to remind us of our Identity in Christ.

So…this blog will not take the same approach every time. At this point I’m just trying to learn how and I’ve been encouraged by the large volume of hits in these first few days.

A few minutes ago I talked with my friend Randall James–he is an Associate Pastor at the FBC Orlando.  Randall’s been battling cancer for over 23 years.  He’s had some problems recently but his comment to me was…everything that touches me is “Father-filtered.” His confidence in God was a fresh reminder of our Identity in Christ.

Talking to Randall was great encouragement and we just recieved great news that Katy arrived safely in the Middle East.  She’s staying with a friend until she can find more permanent housing.  Thanks for praying for her yesterday.

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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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