Part Two

The Love of God turns duty into delight!

Loving God means that my changed heart now desires to do His will and finds His commandments as clear definition and direction for this new life. Spirit-empowered obedience is not intense diligence to perform a duty that is despised, but delight to fulfill the direction that God’s Word has provided. 

When loving becomes a burden, it proves that something in our heart is being challenged. The flow of the life of God is faith—the flow of faith is love—the flow of love is delight in living out His commandments.  When loving obedience is a struggle, don’t ignore the shouting of your soul.  Your heart is telling you that something is seeking to undermine faith and supplant the working of the life of God within you.

The indwelling life of God makes obedience possible.  The indwelling love of God makes obedience delightful. Has duty become your dread?  Back it up a step.  Delight in His love and discover how He changes the desires of your heart.

Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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