What a night!

Tonight we kicked off Mission: Winston-Salem with a great crowd of Calvary folks on the ball field.  Tomorrow morning we hit the streets.

Afterwards, KK and I had the chance to drop by Truett’s house and watch our Student Ministry in action.  Almost 100 folks had gathered at Truett & Joni’s place (I’m glad they live on a corner and have good neighbors).

We walked from room to room and listened as the students were in small groups discussing our Identity in Christ!  It was so exciting to hear them searching for Bible answers and applying it to their lives!

One of the group leaders asked me:  “how do you explain Paul calling us ‘sinners’ in Romans 5:8 and then referring to us as ‘saints’ in most of his letters?”

Short answer:  before we were born from above we were sinners that sometimes did good things—but now, in Christ, we are saints (set apart ones) that sometimes sin. 

If we are truly in Christ and Christ in us, in our core, from our new nature we want to know God and we want to do His will. We are saints who sometimes sin–that’s our Identity in Christ!

Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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