Love Winston-Salem

A few years ago we sensed God calling us to new ministry opportunities. Our people were impacting their friends with the Gospel; our church was influencing other churches throughout North Carolina; we were sending teams many places outside the U.S. – but we sensed God had more for us to do in our own city.  Specifically, we sensed God calling us to impact people who would probably never attend our church but needed our love and needed our Lord.

After a lot prayer and focused research by a special intern, we launched a year-round ministry called Love  Winston-Salem.

Every year we carve out one week to mobilize our people.  We provide many ways to experience ministry as hundreds of people get involved in this special week …it’s like a Mission trip to our own city.   Every year we see the things happening this week expand the year-round ministry.

As I drive around the city and see our people pouring out their love, my heart is filled to overflowing.  John said, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (3 John 4)  This week, I feel like I am experiencing what he was talking about!  This pastor is saying… “I have no greater joy than watching our people serving our city in Jesus’ Name.”

Published by Al Gilbert

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