Saturday Nights @ Our Place

KK says, “Sunday mornings begin about 7 p.m. Sat night at our place.”

No matter how much I prepare, I feel Sunday morning coming. I have to go aside, get quiet and pray over the message–soaking my mind and heart with what lies ahead.

Tonight was a little challenging.  We have sweet friends from Nashville spending the weekend with us…they have five wonderful kids.  My daughter, Carissa, is moving today.  Her five kids came over to play while they moved. So, count them…Ten kids, four adults…a lot of hamburgers and a lot of laughing and running around.

Since I cooked the hamburgers on the grill, they were willing to let me escape and come up here in my office to settle in and focus on tomorrow.  Since I cooked–they cleaned (good deal, huh?).  I heard quite a bit of stuff outside the door as they hurried off to find ways to bathe all those kids.  But, no kidding, they were great!  (KK’s a little tired).

As I sit here and think pray about tomorrow, I hope a few of you will read this and join me in praying for God’s work in our services tomorrow.  Will and I are preaching from Rom. 1:16 .  The message is entitled:  “Not Ashamed.”

I am writing this hoping someone might read it and join us in praying for God to do a great work tomorrow.

If you want to think about the importance of Baptism (as you pray), read Matt’s blog (click here).

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