This Week

God blessed our weekend services and it was my great honor to be with many of you in worship.  Any Sunday we have 21 people give testimony of personal faith through the waters of baptism…it’s a great day!

Today (Monday) was a real encouraging time for me as I met with several pastors and listened to their perspective on the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR).

Speaking of the GCR, tomorrow (Tuesday) I leave for Northwest Arkansas for the 2nd meeting of the SBC’s Great Commission Resurgence Task Force. We will have a pastor’s forum and then the Task Force will meet for the second time this month.  We will only meet but a couple of more times this calendar year (that is face-to-face).  We will have video conferences and conference calls  in the coming weeks…but I won’t have to travel.  Thanks for praying for us as we face this huge challenge. 

Have you told us that you’re praying for us?  The list has crossed the 3,000 mark and we are praying that at least 5,000 people will join us in the movement of prayer.  You can sign in at    Periodically, I read through the names and I am encouraged.

This week is a little unusual for me.  When I return from the GCR Task Force meeting in Arkansas, I am going on a retreat with the Conexion 10/40 Board.  Pray for Steve Nolen and this strategic ministry and read more about Conexion 10/40 by clicking here.

If you’d like to keep up with what’s going on…take note of the “twitter” entries in the right hand column.   Thanks for being my prayer partner.


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