What will they say about 2010-2020?

September 19, 1919 was the date. A small group of believers had a vision to start a new church in Winston-Salem and they called themselves the “West 8th Street Baptist Church.”

You may not recognize the name because in 1923 it became “Calvary Baptist Church.” They continued to worship downtown at 8th & Buxton until 1965. That’s when the new pastor, C. Mark Corts, led them to move to the property they had purchased.

History: half of the 90 years downtown; the other half on our Central Campus at the corner of Peacehaven and Country Club; and now Calvary West in Davie County…where will God lead next? 

Ninety years is a big deal. However, just saying “90” makes me hear the clock ticking…on its way to 100! As we celebrate 90 years of ministry we must accept the challenge to finish this next decade with even greater intensity and sacrifice.

When people ask me, “what’s different about Calvary? How did it get to be such a big church? I usually respond by saying:

“God has blessed Calvary because of a clear commitment to God’s Word and a passion to give it away!”

We have a great history. Our church family has been committed to treasuring God’s Word. And, our commitment to give it away is clearly seen in our mission involvement and efforts to serve, equip and encourage other churches.

Looking back, the people of Calvary sacrificed and served their generation while preparing for the generations to follow.  We must do the same: 

“As you carefully observe the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith.” (Heb 13.7b)

This weekend as we celebrate this anniversary together, we are thanking God for how He has worked and asking God to stretch us.  It won’t be long before we will celebrate the 100th Anniversary. 

What will they say about the years between 2010 and 2020?

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