Listening– an act of love?

Many of you know our daughter is working in Beirut with her non-profit,  “Stories of our City”  (Middle East Project).  Here’s an interesting note from her:

“I was waiting for the bus the other day because I was meeting a friend at the mall. I asked someone which bus to take and a man started telling me everything about how to use the bus (he assumed I was just visiting).  We continued to talk about the beautiful husky puppy he had in his arms. After about a minute, when the bus came, I told him “thanks” but then he got on the bus with me….with his dog!

We continued to talk and I told him about my job here in Beirut. From the first he was thrilled and said: “You mean you are here just to help people understand me? That is awesome! I want to tell my story!”

I gave him my card and we talked more about the need for the people of Middle East to have their own voice. He was going to the same mall so we both got off the bus at the same time. He gave me his number so I could call him for an interview. After a few texts and phone calls, we set up the meeting for the interview this week.

This is just a glimpse at how a casual meeting turns into an interview – and the feelings the people here have towards the project. They are thrilled you are listening to them; you are hearing them tell about themselves.

It is my wish you could see the hope you are bringing to this place just by listening! One of my favorite podcasts says ‘listening is an act of love” and you are loving these people by listening to their story!

They know it – they can tell this is a project of love- and I couldn’t do it without you!   Click here to listen to this week’s story-


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