Honored to Serve Him–with Them!

Today, a Bible Fellowship Class is serving breakfast to the Calvary pastors…getting a head start on the upcoming Pastor’s Appreciation Day.  This class has done this for years and I appreciate the way they pour out their love on our staff!

God has placed me on a large staff with many pastors serving together.  Some may look at Calvary and think we know nothing about the small church pastor.  However, the first two churches we served were nothing like Calvary.  For three years, while in college,  we served  as Youth Pastor in a small rural church;  after seminary, we served as the first pastor of a mission church in the D.C. area–there were 50 people in worship when our ministry began.

Now, I bring this up for one reason.  We know the various duties of the pastor in a smaller church and the pressure he feels to get it all done.  It seems like every problem lands on his doorstep.  As I remember the pressure of those days, I am moved to thank God for the pastors with whom I am honored to serve. 

In a church like ours, we have multiplied problems and needs.  I once told a group of pastors in Kenya: “When you have people–you have problems.  If you have many  people–you have many problems!”

In the middle of these many problems, we have many pastors.  These men share the load of ministry.  Every day they are involved in the problems and victories, the joys and sorrows that are found in the ministry.  They know what it means to shepherd the flock of God!  (Acts 20:28)  It is only because these men get under the load that I can focus on what God has called me to do.  They give me strength. We do this together. 

When some hear of “Pastor Appreciation Day” they may think of me.  However, from the depths of my heart, I am thanking God and declaring to anyone who will listen:

“It is my great honor to serve Him…with them!”

Published by Al Gilbert

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