Divine Appointments?

Do I really notice how God is moving the Message of Messiah? 

Am I expecting that God is at work in the lives of people I meet every day? 

Do I see His hand at work?  Do I sense Him arranging opportunities for me to be His representative?

Do I expect Him to place people in my path who need Christ? 

Do I notice the deep needs of people I  encounter?

Do I notice how God is already working in their lives?

Reading Acts 8, and the account of Phillip and the Ethiopian stretches me!  Although we are not expected to reproduce what happened to Phillip on the desert road, we can pray for our lives to demonstrate the qualities we see in him.

When true believers look at Phillip it stirs a sense of anticipation that God is at work.  We do know that He is working in the hearts of people we encounter everyday. Right? We are anticipating that God may put someone in our path…  someone like this Ethiopian who is hungry to know Jesus. Right?

Join me in asking God to:

  • Give us a burden to be His representative
  • Give  us eyes to see and ears to hear those we will encounter this week….people who have already experienced the stirring work of God in their lives
  • Give us the boldness to ask loving questions when we recognize a Divine Appointment He puts in our path

Published by Al Gilbert

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