BIG lesson on “Partnership”


God is giving us a great opportunity to learn more about Partnership in the Gospel. 

When Paul wrote to the Philippian Church,  he spoke of their fellowship (partnership, participation) in the Gospel (see Phil 1:5).  Because they had connected their lives to Paul, they could sense they were a part of his ministry as he poured out his life to spread the Good News of Christ.  We have new friends who are prepared to pour out their lives for the Gospel and we must connect our ministry to theirs.

This new partnership follows a path that looks like this:

Our Missionaries-in-residence, Steve and Ruth Nolen, direct an organization called Conexion 10/40.

Our relationship with Conexion 10/40 has helped us to develop a partnership with the Baptist Convention of Western Cuba  (Convención Bautista de Cuba Occidental)

Through this partnership we are able to join Cuban Baptists in sending their first two missionaries to the 10/40 Window. (if you are not familiar with the 10/40 window click here)   

Sunday, October 25th, we celebrate this partnership by welcoming the leaders of the Baptist Convention of Western Cuba in our morning services.  We will join together in thanking God for this missionary partnership.  As these first two missionaries prepare to leave for the South Asia, I pray you will understand this historic moment and rejoice in the hand of God making it happen!

God is moving us to learn more about partnership.  God is moving the Cuban Baptist to see the lost Peoples of the 10/40 Window…like never before.

This partnership helps us see the WHOLE more clearly:  The Whole Church, the Whole Gospel, The Whole World. 

We are learning more of how God intends for the People of God to partner together to reach the Peoples of the World.

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