Weight of glory?

Earlier this week we attended a conference for NC Baptist pastors.  The speakers were fellow pastors who opened God’s Word and encouraged our hearts. 

Ed Litton, pastor of FBC North Mobile, shared from the heartache of his wife’s accidental death a few years ago.  He opened up his life and challenged the pastors to seek God’s presence in the midst of our storms by:

(see 2 Cor. 4)

1.  Renewing the heart daily  (“…being renewed day by day.” 4:16 )
2.  Seeing the unseen (spiritual warfare of 4:1-6)
3.  Focusing on eternity (4:18)

Hearing these things applied from a heart that has suffered moved me deep within.  Paul called incredible earthly hardships “light afflictions” when compared to the “incomparable eternal weight of glory.” (4:17)

I have a lot to learn about the eternal weight of glory!

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