01.01.10 Update on MK Eliana

Just recieved this from Steven:
Cindy and I thank you for all the emails and prayers. Yesterday it was decided by doctors to move Eliana to a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (about 10 hours from where we live) They flew her by a medical plane, there was only room for one parent. (Steven is with her and Cindy has stayed back to watch the kids)

We arrived last night. It is a great hospital. They have already run many tests on her to rule out what it is NOT. Our doctor is a neurological pediatrician. He believes that he has diagnosed the problem. He says it is a very rare illness triggered by the virus she had. They will begin treatments today. She will be in intensive care for the next day or so, which means that they are really taking care of her. That is all I know for now.

We thank all of you for your prayers. We know that many classes, churches are also praying. We cannot express how much we appreciate your prayers and emails. I will write another update as we go through this process of treatment.

Clinging to Him,

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