Eliana’s Diagnosis

For those who have been praying for Eliana, MK in South America, here’s the update from her dad that describes her condition:

We have been asked by several people exactly what Eliana has. She has been diagnosed with Kinbourne disease. A very rare disease. (they say 1 out of 10 million get it) It is a form of Cephalitis. She is taking medicine to help with the symptoms. Please continue to pray that the Lord will bring full recovery for Eli. She has responded very well to the medicine. The doctor says that in a few days he will release her to finish her recovery at home. The real issue will be whether or not she can be taken off of the medicine. (a medicine that we would not want to have her on long term)

We have been overwhelmed with the amount of people who are lifting her up in prayer. We thank the Lord for what we have seen him do already through your prayers. Please continue to pray that she will recover and not have to stay on the medicine long term.

I will keep you updated as we receive info. Cindy is coming down tonight to the hospital. Eliana will be thrilled to see her (me too!!)

thank you again for your prayers and emails,
God bless,

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