IMB and Haiti

The IMB is preparing to help you respond to the crisis in Haiti. This is the first statement they have released:

Do we have personnel in Haiti and are they safe?

 IMB does not currently have personnel living in Haiti. 

IMB is continuing to work with Baptist partners who have direct ministries there.

What is being done to help after the earthquake?

IMB’s human needs partner, Baptist Global Response, is coordinating relief efforts with other Baptist partners.  The Florida Baptist Convention has many ongoing ministries with Haiti and will be the primary coordinator the Southern Baptist response there.   

I want to be involved.  How can I go?  Give?  Pray?

 Assessments have begun and there will be more specific information forthcoming. 

Meanwhile, you can pray for those who have lost loved ones in this disaster.  Pray that as relief is provided for physical needs, opportunities will also arise for meeting spiritual needs.


Relief efforts are going to be costly.  If you want to give online, please go to, click on giving, and click on human needs.  100% of your donation will be used in to provide relief; no funds will be used for administration or promotion.  (Note: I looked it up to make it easy for you.  Explanation of IMB Relief process:  click here    Ready to give, click here )


Assessments have begun and we will have more information in the next several hours.  As you may have heard on news reports, there is a need to make sure aid from all sources is coordinated so that all individuals will receive the help they need.

Information will be posted on later today and in following days about any specific needs.

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