Men’s Study–Great Start!

We just finished our first study in the book of Titus.  We had a big group of men show up before 6:15 ready to go…had to set up more chairs!

Just being with these men encourages me in my walk with God.  We will be together for 8 more weeks (9 week study).  We are walking through the book of Titus–3 chapters–3 weeks in each chapter. 

The assignment? Read through the book a couple of times (46 verses) considering how a Man of God lives a fully-integrated life.  A Man of God realizes that his faith is not just a part of his life–what he believes should change every aspect of life (“…so that those who have believed may be careful to engage in good deeds…” Titus 2.8)

If you can — join us. 

If you can’t — pray for us as we seek to strengthen our church by challenging these men!

Published by Al Gilbert

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