Calvary Member–Medical Team in Haiti

Danny Menser, Calvary Member (at Calvary West) is leaving for Haiti Sunday afternoon.  Danny will be working in the operating room  of a hospital near Port Au Prince.

Here’s the update on the teams from NC Baptist Disaster Relief:

NC Baptist Haiti Update- 1-21-2010
Currently, North Carolina Baptists have 2 medical teams in Haiti.  They had to fly into the Dominican Republic but the first team was able to get into Haiti on Friday (1-15-2010). The second team of 13 people got into Haiti on Wednesday (1-20-2010). They have been working hard at a hospital and meeting many needs in Haiti since January 15. We have taken in many medical supplies and we have bought supplies in the Dominican Republic and taken them into Haiti.

A third medical team is leaving for Haiti on Sunday, January 24.  They will also fly to the Dominican Republic and drive across the border into Haiti. There are 13 people on this team. They are taking many needed medical items into Haiti. Right now the needs are medical and very specialized, but in the future we will have many more opportunities for volunteers with other skills to be used in Haiti. Potential volunteers can sign up on our website here. We are looking at being involved in Haiti for a long time.

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