Safari Njema (have a Good trip!?)

What a trip!  From here to Detroit–to Amsterdam–to Nairobi–to Mombasa.

KK, Chuck and the other team members arrived safely in Kenya.  I missed KK’s call this afternoon but she left a message saying, “wanted you to know that we made it fine.  My bag didn’t make it–but that’s o.k. I’m sure my roommate or someone on the team has some soap or whatever I may need.”   What a girl! 

At least she packed some stuff in her carry-on …”just in case her bag didn’t make it.”  I wish I hadn’t missed her call for lots of reasons.  One reason-I would have asked, “did it not make it to Nairobi or Mombasa?”  So, what’s the difference?  If it didn’t make it to Nairobi, I don’t she’ll get it at all.  If it made it to Nairobi…it might make it down to Mombasa.

Oh well.  Either way there’s nothing I can do about it.  She’ll either get her bag or she won’t!

I know she will walk in the Spirit and God will use her to bless the people as she teaches the women.  She loves God’s Word and she loves Africa.  I’m proud of that girl!  I am so blessed that God lets me walk through life with her.  

 “Safari” is Swahili for “Journey”   and my life with her is an incredible journey!

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