KK and Valentine’s Day

Ever had a great idea and failed to act…until it’s too late?

When I realized KK would be in Kenya on Valentine’s Day, I had an idea: Get a card, give it to Chuck, and he could pass it on to KK when the team meets for breakfast on Sunday, Feb 14th!  Great idea, huh?  I just didn’t get it done.

I’m glad KK’s “love language” is not gifts….or words of affirmation!  Because I did not send a gift to Kenya, not even a card with a lot of sweet words! We did have a little quality time (her love language, by the way) before she left for the airport.  While we talked, I confessed my failure to buy a secret gift for Chuck to deliver! She smiled and said, “Valentine’s day? I won’t even know it’s Valentine’s day!” 

So, I was o.k until she called me today.  They had returned from the village early and she reported that it had been the hottest day of her life (it’s summer in Kenya…near the equator, on the coast, and the temperature is between 95-100).

I’ve tried to stay busy so that I wouldn’t have to think about how much I miss her…but getting that surprise call from her today made my heart leap with joy!  Wow, it was good to hear her voice! 

Over the last few days people have asked me a silly question:  “Do you miss her?”   I have joked and answered that my  favorite Bible verse being Gen 2:18, “…it is not good for man to be alone;”   

Yet, as I think about another week without her, I want use the words of Proverbs 31 to announce how I really feel!

My wife is far more precious than jewels…and the heart of this husband trust (and delights) in her!

Many women have done excellently, but KK has surpassed them all! I rise up and called her “blessed”…and I give her the praise that she deserves.  

Many women have done excellently, but she excels them all!

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