KK & Valentine’s Day (part two)

A couple of days ago I wrote about us being apart on Valentine’s Day, lamenting my error to surprise her with a card. I really had planned to get Chuck to sneak a card on the mission trip to Kenya!

Well…guess what?  While getting dressed yesterday, I found a card she had strategically placed in my closet.  She had calculated a way to make sure I found it before Valentine’s Day.  Wow! I laughed out loud…what a girl!  She got me!

After a couple of minutes, bouncing back and forth between feeling loved and regretting my failure, I opened it.  It is an incredible thing to be loved. We have loved each other for over 37 years…and I have never doubted her love, not even for a minute.  I know I haven’t always been likable…but she’s always loved me!

Why am I going public with all this “mushy” stuff?   Last year, a well-known pastor posted a few articles for his church to read about his love-story with his wife.  He said he wanted his church to delight in God’s plan for marriage. Even though self-centeredness and sin had often challenged their marital oneness, God had poured out His grace in their union and he wanted to tell everyone about his Godly wife. 

So, I follow his example with my public Valentine’s Card to KK, paraphrasing and personalizing the words of Proverbs 31:

KK, you are worth far more than diamonds. I am so honored to be your husband and I trust you without reserve. Your children respect and bless you and I join them in saying:

“Many women have done wonderful things,  but you’ve outclassed them all!”

You are a woman to be admired and praised…you live a life of reverential awe to our God! 

I want to give you the public praise that you deserve!

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