Testimony: Praying for My Family

Many of you have shared how God has worked in your family this week.  Here’s a testimony one young lady shared with me:

 Hi Pastor Al,

I took your suggestion and sent an invitation to all of my relatives on facebook. I asked them to send me their requests so I could pray very specifically during this “family week” of 40 Days of Prayer. I have 49 relatives that the message went to and I’ve already heard back from 11 of them…some with heavy hearts, some with urgent needs, and most of them I wouldn’t have known about because we don’t talk often.

I awakened Thursday morning at 4am…didn’t know why, but after wrestling to go back to sleep, I finally got up at 4:30am and prayed until my regular wake-up time of 6am. The Lord woke me again at 4am this morning, so I went ahead and got out of bed and used the two hours to cover all the requests I had received and ones that I had of my own. It’s been a pleasure getting on my knees for so many people I love.

Thanks again for the idea and for leading us in this time of unusual prayer.

See you Sunday…

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