Day 25: Multiply Disciples



“…and make disciples…”



Read  II Tim. 2:1-2 and  Matt 28:18-20

And let’s pray the Scripture — together:

“What you have heard from me…”   Father, I thank You for those who taught me and showed me Your Word.  (also see Heb. 13:7)  

 “entrust to faithful men…” Father, give us vision to see those ready to be taught, ready to be trained and ready to be discipled.  

 “able to teach others also…” Father, help us cast vision for multiplying disciples.  Move in the hearts of leaders. Press the challenge of Scripture to give away what You have given us!

“All authority has been given to Me..”  Lord Jesus, we submit our lives fresh to Your authority.  You are Lord of creation, Lord of the church, and Lord of my life. 

 “make disciples of all nations…”  We recognize Your plan is disciple-making.  You have commanded us to make disciples of all the peoples (ethnos). It is Your plan to multiply Your People through the sharing of the Message… and the training of Your followers.   

Help us see it!  Move us to live it!  We pray in Jesus’ name and for His glory…in and through the church.


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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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