Day # 34: Clearing the Temple


My house will be called a “house of prayer for all peoples…”


There were great emotions during this week of passion. 

  • The people shouted “Hosanna” during His triumphal entry to the city —
  • Jesus wept over the city.  (Luke 19.41) 
  • Then, the Gospel writers record Jesus clearing the temple (with great emotion). 
  • Luke 19:45-46; Matt. 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-16

Jesus was greatly upset by the money changers. Why?  Their actions were not simply selfish entrepreneurial activities. The money changers were dishonoring God by the way they were hindering people — people who were trying to worship.


Worshipers not recognizing His true purpose — moved Jesus to weep.
Worshipers manipulated by buying and selling — moved Jesus to clear the temple.

“Oh Father, give me a deeper understanding of the true purpose of Messiah Jesus…break my heart.   Give me a longing to remove any thing that would hinder people from worshiping You!”

Published by Al Gilbert

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