Day # 37: The Basin, The Cup, The Garden

Why the “Passion” Week?  See the article below (by Joshua Branscomb) for a great summary.

There are many things recorded in our Bibles describing the events of this day known as “Maundy Thursday.” 

First, the Passover Meal/Lord’s Supper  (Matt. 26:20-30; Luke 22:14-20).

While they were at the table, He took the basin and washed their feet (John 13:5-20). 

From the table, the went to the Garden (Luke 22:39-44). 

“Lord Jesus, my heart is deeply moved as I consider the attitude You displayed on the way to the cross.  Words cannot express my feelings as I stop to consider Your willingness to drink the cup of pain and death to take away my sin.”

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