Prayer…the GIC


1. Global Impact Celebration (GIC): Pray for the events that begin tonight (04.28.10) and continue through Sunday (05.02).

2.  Missionaries and their travel.  Join me in praying for our Missionaries who have traveled from various places (overseas and from throughout the U.S.). Pray for their families — some will be leaving their families behind while here at the GIC…and pray for their return travel.

3.  Workers Needed: Join me in praying that God will call missionaries from our church.  Jesus said: “Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” (Matt. 9:38)

4.  Mission Offering:  Pray for God to burden our people to give.  Many of our special mission projects are funded through the Spring Mission Offering. Pray for the ministries listed and pray for God’s provision.

5.  Meeting Place:  Our “Southside” Hispanic ministry is looking for a new meeting place for worship services and weekday ministries.  Pray for God’s direction and provision.

Published by Al Gilbert

Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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