Prayer Request for Wed pm / Thursday am


We had two great days “off” in Germany.  I’d love to share it all but it’s bedtime here so I’ll wait until another time. Let me catch you up on things in Moldova and make our immediate prayer requests clear. 

Everyone arrived safely to Chisinau, Moldova.  We had dinner with some of the pastors who are on the “Leadership Team” for the conference.  After a quick stop at the store, we checked in our hotel and our day is about to come to a close (almost midnight–7 hrs ahead of NC).

We begin tomorrow morning with introductions, worship and prayer. We are expecting 350-400 pastors/wives from the area.  Here are the prayer requests:

1.   Pray for pastors/wives as they travel.  Pray they will have open hearts and minds as we meet.

2.  Pray for us as we wake up early and go over our notes and prepare to preach and teach.

3.  Pray for me as I preach the opening session in the afternoon (2pm here-7am NC time). 

4.  Pray for KK as she has her first session with the wives tomorrow evening (7pm here-12 noon NC time).

5.  Pray that we will be sensitive to the Spirit’s voice and know exactly what these church leaders need.

I will try and update the blog tomorrow evening.   

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