Leadership Conference (Day Two)

Today was a very busy & productive day. It started early with everyone gathered for breakfast and then a time of worship.
Next, KK led two sessions for the women. She poured her life into them and I wish you could have seen their response. They said they had never had a time like that for the women. She took time for questions and they were so encouraged and grateful.  Some of the ladies told KK, “thanks for coming so far and making such an investment to teach us.”  She responded, “It was my privilege to come and I will take that THANK YOU back to the people who made it possible for me to come and to those who are praying right now for you.”

While KK was teaching the women–the men left the meeting hall and broke into smaller groups.  I had the privilege of teaching two different groups–sharing  a simple vision to multiply disciples. They were attentive, interactive and eager to put the vision into practice.

After lunch I preached to the combined group and challenged them to send Missionaries to other countries. They gladly received the Word.

We concluded the day with a Question & Answer time. They said, “we have never had Leadership training like this –especially not bringing together Great Commission Christians crossing denominational lines.”

After dinner with the Leadership Team we hurried to a concert. A famous Russian rock star, named Sergio,  was radically transformed by the Gospel 10-15 years ago. Now, Sergio sings for the glory of God.  He has only made two trips to this part of the world since he was saved. Our conference Leadership Team hosted his concert tonight.  Young adults packed an old Philharmonic hall and heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Dozens responded to a public invitation and trusted in Jesus.

What a day!

Tomorrow our team will go different ways.  Some will spend time with pastors and others will  attend an official function in the city.  Sunday, we will preach in 4 different churches and then have afternoon meetings together.

Thanks for praying!


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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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